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A relaxing, creative weekend where you can BE in nature, have time for reflection, rejuvenate with healthy and positive elements. At Nature's Harvest, we provide to you all activities you can get close with nature.  Whether you are looking for hands-on organic farming experience, leisure cooking with the freshest organic produce, activities to strengthen team spirits, spending a leisure day with the close family and friends, or even enjoy the seabreeze at the beach -- all at Nature's Harvest.

The Nature's Harvest team tailors every get-away to the specific requirements of the group, finding the right balance between a relaxing, tranquil outing and an efficient and effective get-together.  All activities are tailor made to the needs of your group to be able to fully reach the intended purpose of the outing.

Workshops and activities will be conducted on a regular basis.  Advanced booking for farm visit and workshops are required. 

To give an impression of the type of activities that Nature's Harvest can provide, examples of our workshop are listed below.  We welcome all schools and corporte clients to join us at Nature's Harvest.  

  • Organic Farming Workshop
  • Handicraft Workshop
  • Potted Plant Workshop
  • Nature's Kitchen
  • Nature's Playground


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Do not have a large group of people? You can now join our walk-in programme, no reservations required, just turn up between our opening hours 9am -5pm, Tues to Sunday (except public holidays).




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